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Library: Getting Started

Your libraries

We have libraries at Docklands and Stratford Campuses.


You must have your ID card with you to access the libraries.  If you do not have your ID card then you can request a replacement from the Student Hub.

Opening hours

Study spaces and facilities

Study spaces and PCs

We have a range of study spaces available with and without PCs at both libraries.  When working in the library please choose a study zone that suits your needs, and be respectful of your fellow students.

Silent study zones

These spaces are for individual silent study.  If you want to work with colleagues then please move to a collaborative zone.

  • Mobile phones should be on silent
  • No noise should leak from headphones
  • No talking with colleagues
Quiet study zones

These spaces are for individual quiet study.  Brief whispered conversations are permitted but group work is not allowed in these areas.

Collaborative study zones

These spaces are for working together in groups.  Please keep noise to a minimum in these spaces so as not to disturb other library users.  

Group study rooms

We have bookable group study rooms at Stratford and Docklands Libraries where you can meet with your colleagues and work together.  There are also two bookable Silent Study Spaces for Postgraduate students to book at Stratford.

QuickMeet Spaces

Our QuickMeet Spaces are available across the campuses which you can use to meet quickly with colleagues.


There is wifi available throughout both campus libraries.  Just connect your device to Eduroam.

Printing, scanning, and copying

You can print, scan, and photocopy in the libraries.  You will first need to top up your printing account online.  The IT intranet pages have more information on paying for printing, scanning and copying.


Remember that copyright regulations restrict how much you can photocopy:

copying limits
Most books
  • one chapter, or
  • up to 10%
  • One article per journal issue

For more information check our intranet pages on Copyright.