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A guide on how to use Keenious, an AI based tool that generates article suggestions based on an analysis of a text.

Keenious is an AI-based tool that can help you find high quality research papers to enhance your work. The AI analyses the downloaded article, a link to the article, a selected passage from the article or written text and recommends similar or related content. Keenious is also directly linked to our library collections through LibrarySearch, enabling direct access to subscribed content.

You can use Keenious directly in Word, through a web browser or in Google Docs.

Keenious uses data from OpenAlex, which contains over 240m works of both open and non-open access journal articles. OpenAlex includes material predominantly in English.


Keenious is a very versatile tool to help you discover more research to support your arguments and enhance your work. Unlike most common information retrieval methods, it is not based on inventing keywords, but on analysing the text you already know or the text you write yourself and based on this analysis by AI. Keenious can help you:

  • Find ideas for an essay or article.
  • Find and learn new concepts related to your text.
  • Find sources related to your essay or article.
  • Promotes interdisciplinarity in your research or thesis
  • Finding articles or books similar to the source you are using

Keenious should always be used in conjunction with other databases and search engines.