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Partner Institutions Library Support Guide for Islington Music Workshop, Italia Conti Academy of Theatre Arts, Malvern House, UCFB, West Ham United, UD Music


Welcome to the partner students and staff support guide.  This guide introduces you to the range of library services and resources provided by the University of East London Library. 


How do I access resources

You will be issued with a username and password by UEL.

Use a separate browser to access your University of East London resources.  If you are having difficulties logging in, ensure that you are logged out of your own institution/college account on your chosen browser and then input your University of East London login details to gain access to the relevant resources.

Only the licenced ebook collections and databases listed on this page can be accessed by partner students and staff.  The availability of our e-resources to partner institutions is controlled by the agreements that we have with our content providers.

Lots of databases and e-journal have more than one login option.

Look for:

  • OpenAthens login
  • Login via your home institution
  • Shibboleth login - You might also be asked to select your location (regardless of what country you are working in select: UK Access Management Federation or United Kingdom) and your Institution (University of East London).
  • In the tab:  Find your organisation –type University of  East London- select University of East London
  • A box will pop up – select University of East London

Where do I access Library resources?

You can access Library resources from the link below to gain access to databases, e-books and much more.

Login for Current Students